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These guys are seriously the best. They are affordable and honest. I had a concern about an oil leak and was prepared to pay a ton of money to fix t, but they said a screw was loose, and they tightened it for me -- and didn't charge me for their time and expertise. They're all really friendly, they don't treat me like an idiot because I'm a woman, and they have yummy candy in the waiting room! Ha 🙂 thy also referred me to their next door neighbor to get my seat belt fixed when I needed it done quickly and they were booked up. Great company, I don't plan on taking my cars anywhere else!

Margaret D, 11/27/2015

I've taken my Jeep here twice so far. The first was for a Serpentine belt and idler pulley. They had it ready within 48hours for me, which was fantastic considering I didn't make an appointment.
This April I took it back for several issues, they diagnosed it quickly and began working on it. Shortly after I had an unexpected and unfortunate circumstance that left me unable to contact them for a month or so leaving my Jeep sitting there without them aware of my situation. Dave, who I had been communicating with from the start left many voice mails asking for a call back, and despite it being near a month without hearing from me each vm was extremely professional simply asking for a call back. I was able to return their call today, and spoke with Dave once again, who was incredibly nice about my ordeal, not once showing any annoyance at my Jeep being left there unattended for near a month.
Yelp's 5 star review led me to Auto Dynamix, and I'm happy to give them another 5 stars to add to the roster. Great customer service leads to repeat customers, and I for one won't take my Jeep anywhere else.

Carson W, 6/1/2016

Took my 1985 Jeep CJ7 in after the power steering pump line ruptured and the pump went bone dry, something I thought for sure required replacing. Not only were they able to salvage the pump but Khea could see the high pressure line was routed in a way that had it too close to the radiator. They rerouted the line way more sensibly, a customized job, and ended up charging me at least half of what I'd get charged any other place. Finding a shop that you can trust isn't always easy. I'd say they're trustworthy.

Joel M, 8/15/2016

I found this place on Yelp as well.
I was out to lunch one day and my window rolled down but not back up... I could pull it up.. but it would just fall.
This is no bueno.
I googled what I could and found AD. Khea answered the phone and told me that he would take my info and call me back in 30 mins with a quote. I am pretty sure that it was less than 30 mins when he called me back.
Khea and I talked about my situation and he said that he could do it that day.
I am sorry, what? YOU. ARE. AMAZING.
I work in the neighborhood so I dropped off my car 30 mins later and it was done is less than 2 hours.
Khea really pulled through for me on this one. I was super happy.

Kellie L, 8/24/2016