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  • Wheel and Tire Service

    Wheel and Tire Service

    We install new and used tires. We mount and balance tires as well. Straightening and repairing wheels.

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  • Brake Service

    Brake Service

    What is included in the Brake Service? We begin with a comprehensive inspection of your car’s entire braking system. Wheel…

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  • Transmission Service

    Transmission Service

    Transmission Service We are able to scan the transmission control module for most trouble codes. Depending on the fluid condition we…

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  • State Authorized Emission Repair

    State Authorized Emission Repair

    Diagnose Failed Emission Vehicles Repair Emission related malfunctions Confirm Vehicle is up to state regulations. Our technicians are compliant with…

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  • Auto Repair Services

    Auto Repair Services

    Our Auto Repair Services Include: Alternator Replacement Axle / CV Joint Service/Replace (FWD) U-Joint Service/Replace Axle / Driveshaft Service/Replace (RWD,…

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  • Cooling and Air Condition Service

    Cooling and Air Condition Service

    Cooling System Service: Flush cooling system Pressure test Cooling System Check Heater and radiator hoses Check radiator cap condition Heater…

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  • Oil and Oil Filter Service

    Oil and Oil Filter Service

    Oil and Oil Filter Service Experts recommend changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle by the oil monitor…

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  • Tune Up Service

    Tune Up Service

    What does a Tune Up include? Tune-up verification Replacement of spark plugs Complete maintenance inspection Spark plug wires  Distributor caps…

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  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    What are "minor services"? While it varies by make and model, minor services generally include: changing the oil and oil…

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